Thursday, 7 April 2005

Windows pertama dalam BM - Windows XP Starter Edition

Terdapat perbincangan tentang Microsoft XP Starter Edition di Malangnya, komen saya seperti berikut tidak dapat dipaparkan kerana masalah teknikal di website tersebut.

hoy... why there's no comment when MS brought to the world Windows in Chinese? I am not against Microsoft or Windows... but from my experience, people tends to say that they can't get more experience because Windows is in English. When they have the oppoturnity to have BM interface, all they can say is "wierd", "pelik", "kelakar", "padam", "tak biasa" an so on. People especially the Malays should use this oppoturnity to strenghthen their 'usage' of computers.

For those who do not want to spend around RM100.00 to get Windows XP Starter Edition BM, or being a cyberthief by buying RM 7.00 pirated Windows XP Starter Edition CD, you can have Linux Fedora Core 3. Fedora Core 3 has not only interface in BM, but even in Tamil. Not only that, you can install Fedora Core 3 easily using Malay based installation. Once installed, you can switch back to English, or any language that you have installed. I am writing this comment using Firefox browser on Fedora Core 3. It works just fine in English. Friends, just give yourself some time to familiarize in BM. It is unfair to judge "one day or one month of BM usage" against "years of English computer mastering".