Thursday, 30 June 2005

Keje hingga malam

Rezal dan Shah sedang bertungkus lumus menyelesaikan masalah teknikalHari ini saya dan rakan saya kerja hingga lewat malam untuk menyelesaikan beberapa masalah teknikal. Kami terpaksa sambung kerja hingga 11.00 malam. Kami habiskan 3 jam di tempat orang, sejam makan, dan dua jam lagi di ruang kerja kami. Rizal telah belanja saya dan seorang kawan saya, Shah makan di kedai mamak. Hari ni dia nak belanja sebab hari ni dia dapat gaji.

Esok saya kena hadir ke [rahsia C] untuk install scanner driver, menggantikan rakan saya yang akan AMAT sibuk di tempat lain. Jadi sekarang ni saya tengah download driver tersebut dan burn dalam CD.

Candid Syndrome

This ain't a drill, fire alarm bells, rang at the libraryPicture taken at Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Aims of Islam Hadhari

Islam Hadhari aims to achieve 10 main principles:
  1. Faith and piety in Allah
  2. A just and trustworthy Government
  3. A free and independent people
  4. Mastery of knowledge
  5. Balanced and comprehensive economic development
  6. A good quality of life
  7. Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
  8. Cultural and moral integrity
  9. Safeguarding the environment
  10. Strong defences
For more information on Islam Hadhari, please visit this JAKIM's site and Islam Online

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Seminar Percambahan Islam Hadari

Seminar Percambahan Pemikiran Islam Hadari peringkat IPTA / IPTS banner"Seminar Percambahan Pemikiran Islam Hadari peringkat IPTA / IPTS" was conducted today, and will ends tomorrow. Majority muslim staff will be attending in this four session of paper presentations and discussion. All four session are the same talk about Islam Hadari approach.

I've attended today's evening session. Some 'intipati' that I am still remember is that Islam Hadari is not a new religion, sect, ideology, isms, mazhab or some sort of Barisan Nasional's political gimmick. It is just a way to 'memperkasakan umat Islam' especially in Malaysia. Civil servants needs to understand this government's aspiration, and become the engine to make this aspiration a success.

One way government to achieve this is 'academic' by strengthening primary schoolers' Islamic knowledge. A programme called JQaF (Jawi, Quran, and Fardhu Ain) has been set up as experiment to various primary national school throughout Malaysia. And school pupils are expected to 'khatam' their Quran before the end of Darjah (year) 6.

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Smart card End User Training

Yesterday people from the Smartcard solution company had taught us how to use (and teach) end users about the system, today it was our turn to teach end users, on system usage. It took only a couple of hour to give end users some practical on this system.

Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Fire at Kompleks Bukit Jambul

Fire Engine came to the rescueA Fire accident was occur tonight at Kompleks Bukit Jambul. Fire alarm started to rangs around 10:30pm (not official) and I was mistook it as false alarm when I was to go outside KBJ shopping centre. From information I've got, a 2 month old metallic silver coloured KIA Spectra was on fire at 2nd Floor Parking. One fire engine (as in picture) from nearest station come to the rescue, and it takes around 30 minutes for them to put out the fire. Cause of the fire accident is still under 'bomba' investigation.

Smartcard Technical Training

Listen HARD to what the demostrator sayA training was conducted at lab R&D at my dept. This training was conducted for smartcard technical support. Smart card will be implement to all at my workplace, so these guys here will be main players on this field. It is expected that these men will be VERY BUSY in next couple of months, starting next fortnight.

Enjoys the 'makan' time, after this everybody will have headache againThe girl with 'tudung' there (on the above picture) was training us the complex system of photo capturing, database merging, and so on. Of course these picture was taken with my Digital Camera (DC). But just 1/2 days, my camera's battery gone dead. After tidious half day of training, we lunch together...

Ah Okay, it's Maghrib... bye

Monday, 27 June 2005

Camera: Day 1

Today I've got my Bank Islam (Islamic credit) card, and I have bought a Digital Camera (Kodak EasyShare CX7330) at RM 699. Additional RM50 was added later for me to have additional 256MB SD Card on purchase with purchase scheme.

First shop I use my Bank Islam (Islamic credit) Card

Before Kodak EasyShare were being chosen, I have recce some example of cameras such as Olympus Camedia C370 (RM 599) and Konica Minolta Dimage X31 (RM 499). I've bought my choice simply because that camera has "video recording with audio" function.

My favourite places

Then, eat time. I had my dinner at Medan Selera Tesco. These two shops here is my favourite place. To night, I had Sizzling Chicken Noodle (RM 3.70) and it's always my favourite here in Tesco to have Kiwi Juice (RM 1.60) for drinks.

Sizzling Chicken Noodle

Saturday, 25 June 2005

Final Saturday

Today is the last day government servant will work on Saturday. (I do not know about those who works in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu) And magically, I come early to office today.

On 10:00 AM today, my department's workers club will be holding it's Annual General Meeting. USually AGM will have elections ...and makan ...heheh

Friday, 24 June 2005

Things craving

There's a lot of things I want to buy, unfortunately I haven't so much money to spend. Therefore I will write reason(s) why I shouldn't buy that.

Digital Camera (with optical zoom) (RM699)

Red Hat Certified Technician (book)(RM 150)
Malaysian Administration Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) will conduct some Open Source training here at this office, I strongly believe that MAMPU will deliver some sort of uncertified Linux+ or RHCT/E level of training. And I haven't skim Naba Barkakati's "Red Hat® Linux® All-in-One Reference for Dummies".

Learn Japanese box set(RM40)
this thing have 5 hour audio cassette. This item currently under discount from RM1XX. Compare to LINGUAPHONE programmes, I believe these cassetes (and books, i think) is cheaper. err... what will this do to bring me more money?

Hacker I (book, RM40)

This book is not about evil security cracking, It just how to tune and adjust (adjust is what the term "hack" is about) Windows XP for boost PC speed performance, humour, and maybe show offs. It is a good book and good thing, this book is in Bahasa Melayu. Although I like to be superb in computing, but my current goal is to become a resource-person in the field of PHP programming, and open source stuff.

Thursday, 23 June 2005

Annual 'lunch' 2005, a.k.a. PPKT's noon

Today is my birthday. I've bought 63 pieces (3 barrels) of KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken, and 'jamu' nearly all staffs in my department. unfortunately many have gone to lunch before 1:00 p.m. Untill 1:45 pm, 'satu barrel pun belum habis'. Hopefully when many will return from lunch, they will come and eat my 'ayam' KFC.

Birthday Wish List (hehehe)

Telefon Bimbit berkamera
Kamera Digital
Apple laptop
3.5" external hard disk casing
MP3 player

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Kad birthday dari Scotland


Yeay! Hari ini saya mendapat kad hari lahir daripada kawan saya di Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland. (jeles juga sebab dia dapat ke Aberdeen). Saya sangat seronok... Kad tersebut sampai Satu hari sebelum birhday saya...

Rakan saya di tempat kerja nampak saya "senyum sampai ke telinga" ketika membaca kad tersebut. Mungkin sebab pengirimnya seorang perempuan kot. ^_^;

Saya kemudiannya tuliskan e-mel thanks kepada dia...

Sebenarnya menghantar kad ucapan secara pos lebih bermakna daripada e-kad, (melainkan jika e-kad tersebut diprogram khas oleh anda sendiri) Kad, boleh dipegang dsb., manakala e-kad tidak.

Sabtu ini saya kena pulang ke kampung untuk menjadi guarantor adik saya. Dia akan memasuki IKBN.

Saya harap dia belajar dengan bersungguh-sungguh

Sunday, 19 June 2005

Hack browser title in IE and Firefox

This is a perfect tweak for those of us who love to put our own original stamp on things. In this case, it's our Internet Explorer or Firefox browser title. Allow me to clarify: when you open up your browser window, the upper left corner displays the current page, followed by "Microsoft Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla Firefox". Follow my directions to make it say whatever you like. I've tested this tweak successfully on XP and Win98 systems.

Steps for IE

Before you mess with the registry, please back it up so that if you make a mistake, you don't get screwed.

1. Open up Regedit (Start>Run>Regedit).

2. Navigate to this string: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

3. Create a new string value (Right-click "Main" key folder, select New>String Value).

4. Rename the value "Window Title" without the quotes (Right-click value, choose Rename).

5. Right-click "Window Title" and choose Modify. In the value data section, type your title of choice. Mine says "Elect Sarah in 2004!"

6. Now, launch a new instance of IE and marvel at your clever changes!

Steps for Firefox 0.9 and up

Wouldn't you know it... there aren't really any complicated steps to do this. Just download an extension called Titlebar Tweaks and you'll be good to go.


Sarah Lane hacking tip

Saturday, 18 June 2005

Jamuan Makan Malam 2005

Kelab di jabatan tempat saya bekerja telah mengadakan Makan Malam tahunan malam tadi, bertempat di Ballroom, (1F) Hotel Evergreen Laurel, Persiaran Gurney.

Artis tempatan Salleh Yaacob telah diundang menjadi pengaturcara majlis.

Saya sempat bergambar dengan Salleh Yaacob, terima kasih kepada Afrezal.

Friday, 17 June 2005

Syampoo Advertisement

I've read this from Jamri. to know which shampoo he's talking about, please go to "Oher Thots" blog

Beberapa fakta berkenaan iklan ini.

Walaupun bertudung, perempuan kena jugak jaga rambut, shampo selalu terutama sekali dengan menggunakan syampo jenama ...

Bila orang lelaki pandang/jeling sikit, jangan cepat perasan

Bila orang perempuan usap-usap kepala, itu tandanya nak tunjuk yang jarinya belum ada cincin ( masih kosong le tu )atau dgn kata laian "..ngorat le aku cepat "

Lelaki yang gentelman, bila perempuan buat-buat terjatuh buku. Jangan lupa cepat-cepat tolong. Nanti kalau tak dia akan kata "..hampehhh "

Jangan study kat library, sebab kat sana ramai perempuan cute, nanti tak boleh tumpu study.

Lelaki harap hensem je lebih tapi lembab, nak tegur pun, perempuan kena mula dulu.

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

My Internet Explorer got hijacked!

Beberapa bulan yang lepas dalam kekalutan saya mendapatkan codec software untuk tengok video jenis Ogg Media, saya telah terpasang browser hijacker. Alhamdulillah, browser hijacker itu bukan jelis lucah atau jenis perjudian.

Browser Hijacker berfungsi seperti program spyware yang lain cuma sasarannya spesifik kepada pelayar web yang anda guna -- selalunya Microsoft Internet Explorer. Bergantung kepada jenis, program perampas ini kadang kala menambah pintasan (SHortcut) ke dalam folder Favourites anda. Kadang-kala halaman pertama (home page) browser anda ditukar tanpa pengetahuan anda, mungkin daripada asalnya USM kepada website lucah. Kadang kala, fungsi butang BACK dan FORWARD browser anda langsung tidak boleh digunakan. Ada pula yang terus tidak membenarkan anda mengawal setting anda terhadap browser tersebut. Sebenarnya program ini merubah setting yang ada di Registry (yang sukar difahami oleh orang biasa, dan kadangkala juruteknik komputer) selalunya tanpa pengeahuan kita.

dalam kes saya, browser Internet Explorer saya dirampas dengan homepej browser saya ditukar. Pop-up iklan akan selalu keluar walaupun saya tidak menggunakan IE. Setiap pop-up yahoo messenger, 2 pop-up iklan akan muncul. Sudah tentunya kod dalam windows registry PC saya telah berubah. Dengan beberapa perisian yang telah saya pasang, saya dapat tahu yang walaupun saya mengubah homepej saya kepada yang saya kehendaki, program ini akan cuba mengubahnya dengan mengubah kod dalam registry. Program ini tidak mengambil "NO" sebagai jawapan.


  1. Cara yang paling mudah untuk mengurangkan risiko ini ialah dengan tidak menggunakan Internet Explorer. Ini kerana hampir semua program browser hijacker, hijack Internet Explorer. Sebagai alternatif, gunakan Firefox untuk browsing biasa. Sekiranya perlu juga, HANYA gunakan IE sekiranya ada website yang paksa anda gunakan IE.

  2. Jika anda boleh menggunakan OS selain Windows, gunakan ia (eg. Linux, Mac, BSD, Unix)

  3. Untuk pengguna Windows XP, pasangkan Service Pack 2 dalam sistem anda.

  4. Sekiranya anda telah terkena, cuba HijackThis. HijackThis merupakan program yang menganalisa dan memperbaiki sebarang seting pada Windows Registry. Gunakan Spyware Guard untuk mengurangkan risiko terkena browser hijack di masa akan datang. Perhatian: HijackThis dan Spyware Guard memerlukan anda mempunyai pengetahuan teknikal.

Diharap maklumat ini berguna kepada anda

Saturday, 11 June 2005

Ring 8 @ 8TV

Today, minutes (maybe hours) after watching Gundam Seed phase 37 on TV2, I've switched channel to 8tv. I'm getting interested at the show "Ring 8". On this show, host will ask you questions, and it's up to you to answer their question(s) or puzzle(s) by SMS or call their 5 digit number. If you answered correctly, you will rewarded minimum of RM300.00

Although there are some question that I know the answer, unfortunately it was hard for me to get the call back from the host. it's sucks to know that I've spend my phone credit to the last ringgit because of the game. Each successfu SMS cost RM2.00 regardless you got the chance of answering the question.

Being a programmer, I think that the show coordinator have some sort of program behind the server that will maximize their profits. This is what I am thinking. Therefore I have decided not to SMS or phone 8tv contest anymore.

I think I'm prefer calling for TELEBRITI, a phone-in-gameshow that require you to phone real telephone number, or SMS them (weekly quiz), or email them, or fax them.

Thursday, 2 June 2005

My Anime Collection

Complete Series
Battle Programmer Shirase (TV) 2003 [18SX]
DearS (TV) [18SX]
Chrno Crusade: Mary Magdalene (TV) (c)2003 [XXPA]
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (TV) [U]
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu unaired episodes [18SG]
Gundam 0083 (OAV) [U]
Gundam: Char's Counter Attack (Movie) [----]
Mai-Hime (TV) [----]
Kono Minikuku Utsukushii Sekai [18PA]
Macross 7 Encore (OAV) 1995 [U]
Macross Dynamite 7 (OAV) 1997 [U]
Naruto: Mission to Rescue Snow Country Hime (Movie) [U]
Saiyuki Reload (TV) 2003 [18PA]
Samurai Champloo (TV) [18SG]
You're Under Arrest Season 1 Special (TV) [U]
You're Under Arrest Season 2 (TV) [U]

Series that is still not complete
Ai Yori Aoshi [18SX]
Akane Maniax [U]
Bleach [18PA]
Detective Conan (TV) 1996 [U]
Gundam SEED (TV) 2002 [U]
Gundam SEED Destiny (TV) 2004 [U]


  • U = General (for general audience, suitable for all ages)

  • 18SX = Contain non-excessive sexual content. not suitable for under 18

  • 18SG = Contain non-excessive horror or violent content. not suitable for under 18

  • 18PA = Contain non extreme ideas, or believe which different from Islam. Not suitable for under 18

  • 18PL = Combination of two or more different category of non-excessive contents. Not suitable for under 18

  • XXSX = Contain excessive sexual content. for adult only

  • XXSG = Contain excessive horror or violent content. for adult only

  • XXPA = Contain ideas, or believe which could divert muslims from Islam or have negative sentiment on Islam. for adult only

  • XXPL = Combination of two or more different category of excessive contents. for adult only