Saturday, 11 June 2005

Ring 8 @ 8TV

Today, minutes (maybe hours) after watching Gundam Seed phase 37 on TV2, I've switched channel to 8tv. I'm getting interested at the show "Ring 8". On this show, host will ask you questions, and it's up to you to answer their question(s) or puzzle(s) by SMS or call their 5 digit number. If you answered correctly, you will rewarded minimum of RM300.00

Although there are some question that I know the answer, unfortunately it was hard for me to get the call back from the host. it's sucks to know that I've spend my phone credit to the last ringgit because of the game. Each successfu SMS cost RM2.00 regardless you got the chance of answering the question.

Being a programmer, I think that the show coordinator have some sort of program behind the server that will maximize their profits. This is what I am thinking. Therefore I have decided not to SMS or phone 8tv contest anymore.

I think I'm prefer calling for TELEBRITI, a phone-in-gameshow that require you to phone real telephone number, or SMS them (weekly quiz), or email them, or fax them.

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