Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Seminar Percambahan Islam Hadari

Seminar Percambahan Pemikiran Islam Hadari peringkat IPTA / IPTS banner"Seminar Percambahan Pemikiran Islam Hadari peringkat IPTA / IPTS" was conducted today, and will ends tomorrow. Majority muslim staff will be attending in this four session of paper presentations and discussion. All four session are the same talk about Islam Hadari approach.

I've attended today's evening session. Some 'intipati' that I am still remember is that Islam Hadari is not a new religion, sect, ideology, isms, mazhab or some sort of Barisan Nasional's political gimmick. It is just a way to 'memperkasakan umat Islam' especially in Malaysia. Civil servants needs to understand this government's aspiration, and become the engine to make this aspiration a success.

One way government to achieve this is 'academic' by strengthening primary schoolers' Islamic knowledge. A programme called JQaF (Jawi, Quran, and Fardhu Ain) has been set up as experiment to various primary national school throughout Malaysia. And school pupils are expected to 'khatam' their Quran before the end of Darjah (year) 6.

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