Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Smartcard Technical Training

Listen HARD to what the demostrator sayA training was conducted at lab R&D at my dept. This training was conducted for smartcard technical support. Smart card will be implement to all at my workplace, so these guys here will be main players on this field. It is expected that these men will be VERY BUSY in next couple of months, starting next fortnight.

Enjoys the 'makan' time, after this everybody will have headache againThe girl with 'tudung' there (on the above picture) was training us the complex system of photo capturing, database merging, and so on. Of course these picture was taken with my Digital Camera (DC). But just 1/2 days, my camera's battery gone dead. After tidious half day of training, we lunch together...

Ah Okay, it's Maghrib... bye

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