Thursday, 16 February 2006

Old problem rise again

yesterday, i was changing my PC. I replaced the 2x256MB(one sided) RAM with 1x128MB(two sided) and 1x256(one sided). After reboot my computer, then i found the word "KERNEL PANIC" on my screen. After exausted on ideas how to fix the problem, (and later being scared by Wikipedia that (in my simple interpretation) my computer is dying, and linux needs to be reinstall), then I ask on of PPKT linux expert (who will move across the sea to Kuala Lumpur), rezdrake. Rezdrake then said that I need to undid what I done, that is use the same TWO one sided 256MB RAM, It works.

Since I want to change the RAM, I then try 1x128MB(two sided) and 1x256(one sided). I later found that these two cannot sits together, not because their megabytes are different, buat their architecture ot the one/two sided thingy are different. I have no problem of using 128MB RAM alone or 256MB alone. I choose the latter.

I then change back the monitor from 'pinjam' LCD flat monitor to my old CRT monitor. There's was error. I can't linux in GUI. The fix for this problem can be found from Linux Questions. Which reminds me that 'hey, I had done this before'

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