Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Omar Mukhtar: Lion of the Desert

©1981 - Lion of the Desert DVD CoverOn recent Sunday Night, I was informed by TV commercial at kedai mamak Selera Murni that "Lion of the Desert" will be played at 11:30pm on TV1 as Maulidurrasul Special. So, I pun balik rumah as early as possible, so that I didn't miss the movie that I always missed (terlepas) during childhood days.

Lion of the Desert is a superb movie. It's very touching.

Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database have superb commentary and synopsis on this film.

The director of this movie, Moustapha Akkad, also is the one who produce and directed "The Message" and "Halloween" series was planning and raising capital to make his 3rd 'religious' movie, this time, it's about Salehuddin al-Ayubi (Saladin).

Unfortunately on 9th of November...
(Moustapha) Akkad, and his 34-year-old daughter Rima Akkad Monla, died as a result of the 2005 Amman bombings. They were both in the lobby at the Grand Hyatt. His daughter died instantly, and Akkad died of his injuries two days later in a hospital.
-- Wikipedia

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