Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Putrajaya Sentral - terminal pengangkutan bersepadu Putrajaya - Fotopages.com
On 6th and 7th December, I was in KL for the Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference. I've post lots of picture in here (day zero) and here (day half).

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Flight Attendant Malaysia Airline

On three out of four of my trip to Putrajaya for the Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference, my eyes was glued upon the cuteness of Malaysian Airlines Flight Attendant uniform and ehem the person inside the uniform. Here's are picture for your guilty pleasure viewing. It is not from my adventure, but from other website.

You might want to see cute MAS stewardess mengapit a-la Sheikh Muzaffar face Steward at http://emilyism.blogspot.com/ just like the picture below: above.

KL Januari 2006

KL Januari 2006 Bahagian 1 dan KL Januari 2006 Bahagian 2

Thursday, 6 December 2007

MyGOSSCON Hari 0.5 - Road to MyGOSSCON

Datuk Azalina dalam Press Conference tiket ERL
Emi, MAS stewardess Putrajaya Sentral
  • All picture above taken by me on the way to MYGOSSCON at Putrajaya
  • from Sg Buloh to Putrajaya - took long time
    • you have to take KTM KOMUTER from Sg Buloh to KL Sentral (ticket RM 2.10)
    • from there you took ERL to Putrajaya (RM 9.50)
  • (pic -top/right) on that day, in KL Sentral, there was Minister of Youth and Sport's Press Conference on farewell ceremony for Malaysian youth volunteer to go to Cambodia.
  • (pic -top/left) ticket of ERL
  • (pic -down/right) Emi - Malaysian Airlines flight attendant
  • (pic -down/left) Putrajaya "sentral" - less people, but unlike aging Puduraya, this bus-train stop look more like an airport
my report in Bahasa Melayu Malaysia

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Tol Jalan Duta Rezdrake belanja makan di Chicken Chop Steven's - pergh sedap

  • I come to KL for  Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference (MyGOSSCon) in Putrajaya.
  • Wait for him at Tol Jalan Duta (pic)
  • He brought me to Steven's Western Corner, Uptown Damansara (pic)
  • Sleep in a friend house in Damansara Damai.