Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dinner Kelab PPKT Club 2008 - Jeans

Dinner PPKT at Cititel
Cititel is hard to find, some didnt come coz, oil price increase, less dinner subsidy/pax, and some stuck on (Japanese) Bon Odori festival's roadblock. Akma says that this was the best dinner, but to me, the lauk on ALL previous dinner are better than Cititel's. Luckily Cititel's nasi goreng and bihun was great.

Lets slide some picture shall we:

One table, one team, team are named after famous denim/jeans brands, and lines of lucky draw givaways... For the first time in PPKT's history, softwares are given as presents, courtesy of the Big Brother.

Ad hoc fashion contest were held that night, and the winner is from the unlikely cuteness.

Bali k with no baby

Shah play to roles that night, as an eMCee and unpaid, unofficial bonzer to Akma and Ervinna

Riz and Raz, first Riz with Akma, and then Raz with Akma

Of course there's some group pictures

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  1. teringat aku kenangan PPKT nite dengan salih yaakob masa silih berganti dah berapa kali PPKT nite dah dibuat.. good job guys..