Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gadis Ubuntu

I respect this student practical... simply sacrificed her Windows XP laptop to embrace GNU/Linux... Kinda syok when an innocent looking girl ask me simple-simple questions on GNU/Linux where at this time I can unleashed my heroic assistance to her. Unfortunately I managed to meet her just a few moments. By the time I took this photo, It was her last day in my office.

Then reality strike. It made me realized that what do veterans like me call a speciality, actually are becoming a norm to youngsters today (eg. yesterday: handphone are for businessman with high income, today even a schoolgirl have a handphone far more canggih then ours)


  1. dude.. betui kaa sacrifice her XP.. looks to me macam LIVE CD jer :).Masih ingat Kisah silam Kau,student thesis dan fdisk ?

  2. betul sacrifice 50% of disk space to Ubuntu... dia punya uBuntu 7.10... nama user terpampang kat kanan atas skrin... (kalau LIve CD dia akan tulis Live User)