Monday, 31 December 2012

Can you create money by blogging?

Yes you can!. Imagine getting a cheque from Google Inc. Isn't it wonderful? You do not have to be some technology guy or a ICT scientist. You just only need to know how to put advertisement to your blog.

The same application can be use for your other blog, that is if you have more then one blog. When your blog (or website) is famous enough, people might ask to put their advertisement directly to their website.

Here is some basic step to start make money from your blog.
  1. Register yourself to a blogging service website. I recommend Google's Blogger
  2. Start blogging. Write in English first eventhough you plan to make a Bahasa Malaysia or other language blog. (This is because internet advertising service provider such as and especially Google will read your blog first before accepting you to their payment system.)
  3. Register yourself to internet advertising services such as Google Adsense, Adsense, or Nuffnang.
  4. Get advertisement code from them, and put it in your blog.
  5. After you've been accepted by those company, cents (sens) will start pouring each time unique visitor clicks at the advertisement.

Bolehkah menulis blog / laman web menghasilkan wang?

Boleh. Cuba bayangkan anda mendapat cek daripada Google Inc. Kan syok. Sebenarnya anda tak perlu jadi pakar ICT, atau ambil jurusan ijazah IT untuk mula mendapat hasil daripada internet. Anda hanya perlu sekurang-kurangnya tahu bagaimana menulis blog, dan meletakkan iklan dalam blog tersebut.

Dalam tahun 2006. Saya mendapat cek pertama saya bernilai lebih US$100 daripada Google Inc.

Anda bukan sahaja boleh meletakkan iklan dalam satu blog sahaja. Anda boleh kongsi (satu akaun) iklan anda dalam semua laman-laman blog atau laman web anda yang lain. Bila blog atau laman web anda cukup terkenal (ramai orang datang baca setiap hari). Orang mungkin akan bertanya kepada secara terus untuk pengiklanan. Sebagai contoh, dalam Oktober 2008, saya menerima cek pertama untuk urusan meletakkan iklan dalam salah satu website yang dikendalikan aku.

Monday, 10 December 2012

McDonalds In Malaysia: Egg & Chicken are at same price

McDonalds put smiles on million of Malaysian children of the 80s (i.e. adults of today) by the returns of McEgg. But that smile lasted only seconds as customers realize that the price is as same as McChicken.

Feeling being duped, many throws their tantrums on McDonalds Malaysia official facebook site.

Friday, 9 November 2012

1 ringgit 1 day goes along the way

Some time it is hard for us to save. Some time it is our mentality be in obstacle. How can we save RM1000 in 3 years?.

Try save RM1 perday. hehe in one year you will have RM365. in 3 years, you will have more than RM1000.

Having RM1 at least give me a peace of mind that it isn't a burden too much for my wallet rather than thinking i have to save RM30 per month.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Looks who's come to eat Malaysian nasi lemak?

Nope, it's not a bird, neither a plane... it's Superman...

(I am listening John William's Superman overture after I post this log)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

BPS Hairan masuk Berita Harian

Rezeki berbasikal... Alhamdulillah
Bicycling pays off as my picture in newspaper

kini masuk Berita Harian, dahulu masuk Kwong Wah Yit Poh
this is from Kwong Wah Yit Poh's 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals 'respond' talk about Paul the sotong

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Typical Malaysian drinks prices 2012

Beverage prices on a Malaysian Indian Muslim nasi kandar restaurant. Hopefully the owner concurs with the advice of the PM of #Malaysia to decrease usage of sugar instead of raising the prices due to the sugar subsidy cut of 20sen/kg announced on #budget2013 yesterday.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pro & Con BlackBerry Messenger


  • sms free*
  • mms free*
  • tak perlu risau orang pakai telco apa kalau nak jimat kredit sms
  • boleh tukar simkad dan no telefon tanpa ganggu akses BBM**
  • ada keypad
  • semurah 50sen sehari
  • cepat walaupun dengan 2G
  • Jenama Blackberry sahaja membuatkan orang lain respect

* asalkan bayar BlackBerry
* kena on (bayar) pakej Blackberry di simcard yang lain


  • kena bayar sekurang-kurangnya pakej BBM
  • Kena pakai Blackberry

Monday, 27 August 2012

Malaysian Gangnam Parody / Super Kampung Style

Malaysian Radio DJ also got join world meme by creating Malaysian / kampung version complete with renewed lyrics on 64,000,000 views Psy's Oppa Gangnam Style

Friday, 24 August 2012

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nasi Lemak Bukit Merah (English)

If you happens to stop by on either north or south bound Gunung Semanggol R&R (locally known as R&R Bukit Merah) and you don't know what to eat. I recommend you  nasi lemak.
To me, this distinctly wrapped nasi lemak perhaps not the best compared to others around Malaysia or even might lose on price and taste if compared to those nearby kampung or town just outside the expressway. It just my save bet when most of the other food didn't met my expectation.
With it's low RM 1.50 price tag, it is a tongue saver when others goes 'meh'.
The North-bound version, usually sold warm (even at 1.00am), on the south-bound you can have the nasi lemak reheated by microwaves.
Pictured are the North-bound version.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

No Olympic Free Baskin Robbins for us

After Lee Chong Wei lost his Gold to Lin Dan, Malaysian put their hope on Malaysian cyclist nicknamed The Pocket Rocket Man. Azizulhasni Awang manage to qualify to Mens Cycling Keirin final, but unable to get gold.

UPDATE: Eventhough none of Malaysian athlete get Gold Medal, Baskin Robbins still give free one scoop of their ice cream to the long-lined-queue Malaysian from 8:00PM - 10:00PM

Free Baskin Robbins if Malaysia win Gold

Baskin Robbins promise of free ice cream on 8th of August if Malaysia win our 1st ever Olympics Gold medal.

That hope is now possible as Malaysian World No1 badminton player, Lee Chong Wei will meet his archrival Lin Dan in Olympics Badminton finals tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:00pm Malaysian Time (UTC +08:00).

(Baskin Robbins ice cream will not necessarily the same as pictured above)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

McDonald's Chicken Foldover - Buy one FREE one

  • I just bought 2 McDonald's Chicken Foldover at the price of one.
  • in lay man term... buy 1 free 1
  • You only can do that by print the coupon McD facebook / website or scan QR code using your smartphone in the nearest Malaysian McDonald's

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Terbaru di KFC: KFC Pokkits

KFC Malaysia memperkenalkan KFC Pokkits. Pokkits yang sebesar Blackberry Curve / Nokia C3 habis dalam 3 hingga 4 gigitan. Memang berpatutan la sebab ianya dijual pada harga pengenalan RM 2.90.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Malay version of A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

I have waited about a year since the release of "A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad". Finally I have the Bahasa Melayu version of it in my possession. "Doktor Umum: Memoir Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad" was bought in Tesco Extra for the price of RM 59.00. This soft cover, BM version have nearly a whooping 1000 pages. At is about 25% more pages of its counterpart due to translator efforts to do their best not to misrepresent the meanings of the original version. According to translator preface, they have to add up some paragraph to explain more to the BM readers.

Where to buy this book?

Well you can enjoy 20% off via Maybank2u (i didn't provide the link due to your internet security reasons) or pay full at

Read more about the English version in MPH Blog here.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Accident in front of USM

USM, 2.00pm, 21 Mei 2012 - 2 cars and a lorry involve in a road accident in front of USM Sungai Dua gate. Luckily no one injured of dead. The accident involve local Malaysian and USM (middle eastern) international students. It is believed that the accident was resulted by careless driving.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I 'won' the UEFA Champions League

Chelsea won the 2012 UEFA Champions League. But that did not matter because I also have 'raise' the cup. Compared to Ramli*, I have done better... I raise the cup ^_^

*Ramli is a character of TM advertisement where he become Manchester United player

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Yong Tau Foo Soup

Choose yourself a Yong Tau Foo give you great freedom of what type of 'lauk' you want to eat. You can also choose whether you want Mi (Noodle), Kotiau (koey teow / flat noodle), Maggi (Instant Noodle), bihun (rice vermicelli), or nothing at all. Each of those lauk and mee selling at 80 sen. But you have to choose minimum 5 or RM 4.00. You can also choose between tom yam soup, chicken soup, or prawn soup.

Unfortunately for me, Yong Tau Foo Soup at Giant (prawn soup) is not a good choice for me for both lunch or dinner. I think it is a bit salty for me.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

McDonalds Chicken Foldover

  • McDonalds Chicken Foldover. Price: RM 9.95 set Value Meal Medium LUNCH / DINNER.
  • To me, Chicken Foldover (CFO) is the 'healthiest' McDonalds food ever.
  • The last time i eat this is two years ago.
  • This makes CFO is more rare than Prosperity Burger
McDonalds official video

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Kasanova (USM final year students' theatre)

Tiket teater KASANOVA berharga dari RM5 hingga RM30

(I am to lazy to translate, please use Google Translate)

KASANOVA merupakan sebuah teater bajet tinggi (bagi pandangan aku). Kisah yang dipaparkan diselitkan dengan komedi oleh Kumpulan Mamu (Raja Lawak) dan lagu-lagu Melayu dan Inggeris. Tarian-tarian juga agak menarik.

Basically story dia macam ni

Jimi (Arja Lee) merupakan seorang penyanyi utama di sebuah kelab di Kuala Lumpur. Beliau memenuhi kos perbelanjaan di Kuala Lumpur yang mahal dengan memberikan kasih sayang kepada wanita-wanita lain.

Satu hari, atas cabaran rakan-rakan, Jimi berjaya mendapatkan kad perniagaan seorang awek baru, Natasya (Farhan AF4). Tasya lawat kelab Jimi, dan akhirnya mereka bercinta.

Regina (Jumie USM) memberi nasihat kepada Jimie agar berubah kepada lelaki yang 'baik'.

Kemudian kita pelajari yang Jimi ada sejarah hitam didera dan tidak disayangi.

Dengan ke-psiko-an yang ada pada Jimi, akhirnya Natasya hamil.

Dapatkah Jimi dengan ke-psiko-annya menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi beliau? saksikanlah teater KASANOVA dari 4 hingga 6 Mei 2012. 8:30 malam

set pementasan Kasanova
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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My First taste of 4/11 West Aceh / North Sumatera Earthquake

My first social message just after the tremors
It was about 4:45PM, while I laying in bed, suddently I feel my bed is shaking. For a live alone person like me, such shake is impossible. I also saw mirror and desk fan also shaking. This is the first time I felt such tremors. The two times before this including the (in)famous 2004 Asian Tsunami ... I missed it because I was deeply sleeping

At 6:47PM, second shake hits my house. I was updating blog. First I felt my 'office' chair is along with my body. At the same time my laptop monitor and empty 1.5 L mineral bottle shaking. Even my CRT TV also shaking

The last 30 seconds of first quake (note the mirror is shaking ...mildly) -- recorded by me.
note: i am using trial version of LEAWO's video converter

After 30 minutes ... twitter trending histerically- (
Magnetude 8.7 felt in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, as far as Kuala Lumpur 
On 10PM Malaysian time. Tsunami warning lifted.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bacaan Malam Jumaat - Mudahnya Berkahwin dalam Islam

Malam-malam Jumaat yang sunyi ni eloklah kiranya menambahkan pengetahuan anda dengan buku ini.

Bila membaca buku ini, anda seolah-olah rasa macam membaca bab perkahwinan dan perceraian buku teks rampaian Pendidikan Islam je. Rasa macam nak marah je. Perasaan marah saya reda bila saya cek (periksa di) belakang (buku), harga buku ini hanyalah RM5.00 . Ya cuma RM 5.00 sahaja. OK la untuk membayar segala kos-kos penerbitan buku ini. At least kos gambar sepasang pengantin di dalam gambar itu harus di bayar, nak design meka depan buku, cetak lagi, kos penerbitan ... so memang murah dah...

Penerangan dalam buku ini cukup ringkas. 72 muka surat sahaja. Sekurang-kurangnya, ini adalah alternatif bagi sesiapa yang ingin membaca bab nikah-cerai buku teks Pendidikan Islam tapi segan nak bawa buku teks tersebut.

Saya syorkan agar buku ini dijadikan buku yang disertakan sekali dalam sebarang kursus perkahwinan... (kaya hang nooo Muzayyanah Abdullah)
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Terima Coklat Cinta

While working, suddently 3 university girls shyly come and give me their handmade, made with 'love' chocolate.


After eat, I feel dizzy ... (eh! do they put spells on me help! . Noooooooooooooooo!. 

No! That dizziness is actually my sugar level that high )

After me and the three girls do talking-talking, so the secret reveals...

Actually they are a part of "Thank You Campaign" that organized by students form local university on 2 April 2012.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Represent my department for inter-department games (SukJab) lawn bowls

The date maybe incorrect, but I represent my department in Sukjab
Posted by Picasa< My team manage to compete until semi-final.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sperma Cinta

Weh! apa yang aku merapu lucah-lucah nie...

Oh! ini rupanya sperma cinta. Baru dua tiga hari lepas aku nampak dan reply sikit hashtag #SpermaCinta dan #SengihKerang dalam twitter. Rupanya Sperma Cinta dan Sengih Kerang merupakan dua 'blook' (buku-blog) keluaran Lejen. Setiap satunya berharga RM20.

Crème Brulée Cheese Cake (Secret Recipe, Malaysia)

Excerpts from
Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe, well-noted for its extensive fare of mouth-watering cakes since its inception in 1997, has created their latest cheese cake creation — Creme Brulee Cheese Cake. Made with the finest ingredients and giving extra attention to details, the new cheese cake creation is inspired by the popular French dessert, creme brulee. The smooth and easy to delight in Crème Brulee Cheese Cake is a smooth symphony of sweet vanilla blend and light cream cheese with glazed caramel on top. Best indulged when chilled, the cheese cake is set on a firm cracker base with its top layer sprinkled with sugar and torch-heated to form a thin caramelised delicious glaze coating. The cheese cake is priced at RM6.80 per slice and RM80 for the whole cake. This cake is now available at all Secret Recipe Peninsular Malaysia outlets.