Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My First taste of 4/11 West Aceh / North Sumatera Earthquake

My first social message just after the tremors
It was about 4:45PM, while I laying in bed, suddently I feel my bed is shaking. For a live alone person like me, such shake is impossible. I also saw mirror and desk fan also shaking. This is the first time I felt such tremors. The two times before this including the (in)famous 2004 Asian Tsunami ... I missed it because I was deeply sleeping

At 6:47PM, second shake hits my house. I was updating blog. First I felt my 'office' chair is along with my body. At the same time my laptop monitor and empty 1.5 L mineral bottle shaking. Even my CRT TV also shaking

The last 30 seconds of first quake (note the mirror is shaking ...mildly) -- recorded by me.
note: i am using trial version of LEAWO's video converter

After 30 minutes ... twitter trending histerically- (
Magnetude 8.7 felt in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, as far as Kuala Lumpur 
On 10PM Malaysian time. Tsunami warning lifted.

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