Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nasi Lemak Bukit Merah (English)

If you happens to stop by on either north or south bound Gunung Semanggol R&R (locally known as R&R Bukit Merah) and you don't know what to eat. I recommend you  nasi lemak.
To me, this distinctly wrapped nasi lemak perhaps not the best compared to others around Malaysia or even might lose on price and taste if compared to those nearby kampung or town just outside the expressway. It just my save bet when most of the other food didn't met my expectation.
With it's low RM 1.50 price tag, it is a tongue saver when others goes 'meh'.
The North-bound version, usually sold warm (even at 1.00am), on the south-bound you can have the nasi lemak reheated by microwaves.
Pictured are the North-bound version.

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