Monday, 31 December 2012

Can you create money by blogging?

Yes you can!. Imagine getting a cheque from Google Inc. Isn't it wonderful? You do not have to be some technology guy or a ICT scientist. You just only need to know how to put advertisement to your blog.

The same application can be use for your other blog, that is if you have more then one blog. When your blog (or website) is famous enough, people might ask to put their advertisement directly to their website.

Here is some basic step to start make money from your blog.
  1. Register yourself to a blogging service website. I recommend Google's Blogger
  2. Start blogging. Write in English first eventhough you plan to make a Bahasa Malaysia or other language blog. (This is because internet advertising service provider such as and especially Google will read your blog first before accepting you to their payment system.)
  3. Register yourself to internet advertising services such as Google Adsense, Adsense, or Nuffnang.
  4. Get advertisement code from them, and put it in your blog.
  5. After you've been accepted by those company, cents (sens) will start pouring each time unique visitor clicks at the advertisement.

Bolehkah menulis blog / laman web menghasilkan wang?

Boleh. Cuba bayangkan anda mendapat cek daripada Google Inc. Kan syok. Sebenarnya anda tak perlu jadi pakar ICT, atau ambil jurusan ijazah IT untuk mula mendapat hasil daripada internet. Anda hanya perlu sekurang-kurangnya tahu bagaimana menulis blog, dan meletakkan iklan dalam blog tersebut.

Dalam tahun 2006. Saya mendapat cek pertama saya bernilai lebih US$100 daripada Google Inc.

Anda bukan sahaja boleh meletakkan iklan dalam satu blog sahaja. Anda boleh kongsi (satu akaun) iklan anda dalam semua laman-laman blog atau laman web anda yang lain. Bila blog atau laman web anda cukup terkenal (ramai orang datang baca setiap hari). Orang mungkin akan bertanya kepada secara terus untuk pengiklanan. Sebagai contoh, dalam Oktober 2008, saya menerima cek pertama untuk urusan meletakkan iklan dalam salah satu website yang dikendalikan aku.

Monday, 10 December 2012

McDonalds In Malaysia: Egg & Chicken are at same price

McDonalds put smiles on million of Malaysian children of the 80s (i.e. adults of today) by the returns of McEgg. But that smile lasted only seconds as customers realize that the price is as same as McChicken.

Feeling being duped, many throws their tantrums on McDonalds Malaysia official facebook site.