Sunday, 19 March 2017

Milo Breakfast Day 2017 #MBD2017

For the first time, I participate a running event. Actually it is a 3km fun run. This fun run is a part of Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day 2017. to outsiders Milo is somesort like Ovaltine. 

during t-shirt & bip collection day

with blogger:

cheer girl

finish running

word: Keep the positive spirit! You can do it! (or yes you can!)

after running: breakfast picnic! (and ignore the Zumba excercise)

these are from another runner's goodie bag content
(except for medal, bip number, & banana)

with one of the event MC -

with two of the Zumba dancers 

with the event volunteer

the sign says "Ask Me", but I am to shy to 'ask' her ^_^

Pretending: chef/cook

'Rimau' the mascot of Kuala Lumpur 2017 - XXIXth (29th) South-East Asian Games

The events ends at 10:30AM

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